HUD Manual






For any HUD malfunctions view the Support page.

The Magika HUD is a very low lag and low script memory solution. No matter which hairstyle,
there are only 2-4 (removable) scripts inside.
Remember that everything sold at Magika comes with Modify permissions! It only says “no modify”
due to it’s content. Please do not let this confuse you!


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Base and Second hair colors (Only old HUD)
Having more streak colors (Only old HUD)
Changing streak patterns (Only old HUD)
Hair wisp in mouth / Chew
Script Removal











Base and Second hair colors


For every colorpack there is 8 different haircolors. These haircolors are available for both your
base and second color. The base color is the color most of your hair will have. Your second color
is there so you are able to create a multicolored style.
For example: If you want blonde hair with highlighted streaks you choose a darker blonde as your
base color and a lighter blonde as your second color. If you want the same haircolor all over
the hair you choose the same color on both base and second color.





Having more streak colors


You can always mix and match haircolors from all the colorpacks.
For example: If you want a black base color and a red second color, you must buy both Red and
B&W packs. Than you can just change hud in order to mix.

IMPORTANT: You can only use HUDs from the same hairstyle. You can not purchase a color
of one style and then use the same HUD on another hairstyle. Each HUD is hard coded to only work
for one particular style.





Changing streak patterns


If you don’t like the color pattern of the secondary color there is actually a way for you to change them.
Every prim with an 0 in front of it’s name will become a secondary color. By removing or adding the 0
you can create what ever secondary color pastern you want.

Right click the hair and select Edit. Check the “Edit linked parts” box and click the individual prims.
You can rename the prims from the “General” tab.
Remember: DO NOT change any other part of the prims name since this might break the scripts.







Everything sold at Magika comes with Modify permissions, therefor you can always adjust your hair
using the SecondLife edit tools. But if you are not to familiar with the edit tools you can always use
the HUD resizer. This is a quick and easy way to change the size of the hair.





Hair wisp in mouth / Chew


All hairstyles do not come with this option. But if this button is on your HUD click it to hide and
show the mouthpiece.
The mouthpiece is very easy to adjust even if you are not familiar with the Edit tools.
Here is a quick guide to help you along:

The piece of hair in the mouth only consists of 2 separate prims for easy adjustment purposes.
The first piece goes from the head to the side of the mouth. The other prim hangs out of the mouth on
the other side. There are two prims instead of one to easier adjust for all sorts of mouths.
Start by right clicking your hair while wearing it and click “Edit”, a separate box will appear with all
the modification tools and options. There is a checkbox saying “Edit linked parts”, make sure that
is checked then simply click either part of the mouthpiece.
Now you can either move, stretch or rotate the piece into the correct position by
checking the boxes above such as Position, Stretch, Rotate etc.





Script Removal


First off I want to let you know that there is only 2-4, very low lag, scripts inside the hair.

Removing these scripts are never really necessary.
With that said I also know that many people rather have their hair script free.
That is why I made removal an option.

Make a backup! After this you will not be able to make any changes to the hair that require the HUD.
Rez the hairstyle you wish to remove the scripts from. Than right click it and select “Edit”.
From the edit box go to the “Content” tab. In there you will see the scripts.
Right click the scripts and select “Delete”.